Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bring Back WriteNow Right Now! by: Annie Jane Nutt

I like Apple, Macintosh, Steve Jobs, or should I say Steven Jobs?  Hm, Steven?  I want to write about WriteNow, what was and what should be again.  It really pisses me off that it is not made anymore, because it was just excellent.  WriteNow had scroll shaped menus that made sense and the functions were represented by words, not abstract pictures like these new fangled hippie programs like Microsoft Word since Vista.

Anyway, I would appreciate somebody bringing back WriteNow, before it’s too late and we irreversibly revert to pictographic alphabets.  Back in the day, Microsoft Word didn’t even realize in it’s grammar correction program is that the proper place for a period in a quoted sentence is before the last quotation mark, not outside of it.  Now, I have to figure out which picture represents the save function.  Word processors need word menus, not picture menus which just suck.

I’m talking to you Steven.
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