Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ultimate DIY iPad Arcade

So I've finally finished all I am going to do building-wise on the iPad arcade cabinet. All of the features I want are there. I'll put up a video of me using to play some emulators as soon as Zottd releases Classic controller support. In the meantime I have new pics and a couple of videos highlighting most of the features. The only thing I have left is some sweet artwork covering the wood. I am very happy with how it came out. I am going to be looking into some manufacturing avenues so this may eventually make it to market. I may also sell a DIY kit that comes with everything (like pre-drilled pre-cut wood and fasteners etc) but the electronics if people show any interest in something like that. Let me know what you think. Pictures and video below.


  1. oh wow.. the thing I absolutely love about the apple community is their vain attempts at finding uses for their overpriced electronic garbage.. This one is a real gem.

  2. Hei, man, register that shit. Try to sell the copiright to a corp. An idea: do not use the projector, just try to make a case in wich the ipad has to be placed as a screen. Like a plug and play screen. Anyway, great job, bro. Register it, before they steal. Bless.


  3. oh wow...the thing I absolutely love about Apple haters is that they can never _ever_ let it go. This isn't about a creative guy putting together a clever hack for fun. To the Apple hater, it's always about Apple. What a douche.

    Awesome project. Nice work.

  4. The worst part is this works with Android, so the fanboyism is misdirected...


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